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Staff Favorites

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Staff Favorites - We're a well-read bunch! Take a look through our staff to find one of us with tastes similar to your own:

Michael has read widely in classic literature. He cracks a new book every once in a while as well. You can hear his new book recommendations on NHPR when they do their summer reading and holiday gift shows.  Michael, Gibson's Bookstore's owner
John is a five-time Jeopardy champion and a lover of history and politics.  John, a bookseller at Gibson's Bookstore
Paul, the former manager of Concord's Borders, is a huge fan of poetry and literary prose.  Paul, bookseller at Gibson's Bookstore
Heather likes fiction, sometimes fantasy, and is developing a taste for YA and children's books, thanks to her little one at home.


Sandy loves good commercial fiction and nature writing.

 Sandy, a bookseller at Gibson's
Jim likes YA fiction--which is appropriate for a teacher!  Jim, a bookseller at Gibson's
Elisabeth is our events coordinator. She likes humor, fantasy, and YA fiction, and has a fascination with self-betterment books.  Elisabeth, events coordinator at Gibson's Bookstore
Ryan loves good fiction or fantasy novels.  Ryan
Tracy is your go-to staffer for mainstream and literary fiction!  
Carolyn's bookshelf is full of sci-fi and fantasy, as well as a healthy mix of history, mostly the medieval time period, along with culinary history and the history of the Romani people.  
Cheri is a 3rd grade classroom teacher and would love to help you pick out a toy or book for a child.  Cheri
Hillary is an omnivore when it comes to books, though she especially loves non-fiction about science, art and history and literary fiction.  
Jen enjoys fantasy, science fiction and comics, and also loves poetry and cookbooks and has read all of Agatha Christie.  
Staff Picks are books that we think are important or noteworthy or of the moment, and deserve your attention.  
Recommendations from you - Have you read a book lately and had the urge to put pen to paper to tell the world about it? We keep customer book reviews here.  
Spotlight on publishers - From time to time, Gibson’s will shine a spotlight on our publishing partners, to let readers see their best offerings together. These are our favorites for the season from Hyperion.  

New books, new trailers

Join us on Saturday, June 13th at 11 AM as football agent and writer Sean Stellato shares his new book, No Backing Down, a true story of teammates overcoming adversity. Stellato represents several NFL stars including the New England Patriots Joe Vellano, Jonas Gray, and Ryan Allen, and the Philadelphia Eagles Bryan Braman. *The first 20 copies of No Backing Down sold will include a signed Patriots photo from an active player!*


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