The Culinary Kid Makes Soup: Garden to Table Storybook for Children (Paperback)

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A fresh story with delectable illustrations, this book will teach children that vegetables can be delicious. They'll learn where their food is sourced and how to put them all together to make a healthy dish. The book includes a recipe so the reader can become the chef, with the help of an adult, of course. What's more, a portion of each book sale will support community gardens in the United States.


Two Wisconsin moms recently teamed up to self-publish their first-ever children's book. The story, The Culinary Kid Makes Soup, is ready to be shared with young chefs and gardeners around the world.

The author, Amy Dean, wanted to write a book her young daughter would enjoy. A story that combines her love of gardening and cooking. It's her way of passing down a family tradition of gardening to her daughter, June - while paying homage to her late grandpa's award-winning green thumb.

After she wrote the book, Amy asked her friend, Vassi Slovavo, to help bring her vision to life. Vassi shares Amy's love for cooking and gardening and is an incredibly talented illustrator. She took Amy's words on paper and brought The Culinary Kid to life in a vibrant and extraordinary way. Now, Vassi has a piece of art to share with her own daughter.

The Culinary Kid Makes Soup would make a fantastic birthday or holiday gift; add a kid's cooking set or gardening set and turn it into a gift basket.

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ISBN: 9780578507118
ISBN-10: 0578507110
Publisher: Riseup Communication
Publication Date: November 14th, 2020
Pages: 32
Language: English