What We Hope For (Paperback)

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Brila Landry, a twenty-nine year old living in Texas, lost a part of herself the night her sister, Angelle, died in a tragic car accident. When she ends up on the wrong end of budget cuts at work a few months later, Angelle's words from her last birthday encourage Brila to reevaluate her career path. "Figure out what your purpose is. Find what's going to make you happy." That seems easy enough, especially when the number eleven starts appearing all around her, as if it's there to guide her towards achieving these goals.

However, as Brila heads down what she believes is the right path, her friends and parents question her choices. Maybe those elevens don't mean what she thinks. When doubt starts to creep in, Brila will question everything she trusts to be good and right in her life. If the number eleven isn't leading her toward a happier, more fulfilling life, why does it show up everywhere she looks? And if she's followed it down the wrong path, which direction is she supposed to go? She must decide in whom (or what) she can place her trust and just how great her desire is to fulfill her sister's hopes for her life.

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ISBN: 9780578952680
ISBN-10: 0578952688
Publisher: Kirsten Use
Publication Date: July 20th, 2021
Pages: 282
Language: English