Maps to the Other Side: Adventures of a Bipolar Cartographer (Real World) (Paperback)

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Part mad manifesto, part revolutionary love letter, part freight train adventure story -- Maps to the Other Side is a self-reflective shattered mirror, a twist on the classic punk rock travel narrative that searches for authenticity and connection in the lives of strangers and the solidarity and limitations of underground community. Beginning at the edge of the internet age, a time when radical zine culture prefigured social networking sites, these timely writings paint an illuminated trail through a complex labyrinth of undocumented migrants, anarchist community organizers, brilliant visionary artists, revolutionary seed savers, punk rock historians, social justice farmers, radical mental health activists, and iconoclastic bridge builders. This book is a document of one person's odyssey to transform his experiences navigating the psychiatric system by building community in the face of adversity; a set of maps for how rebels and dreamers can survive and thrive in a crazy world.

About the Author

Sascha Altman DuBrul is an activist and the cofounder of the Bay Area Seed Interchange Library and the Icarus Project, a radical community support network and media project for those suffering from mental health illnesses. He lives in Berkeley, California.

Praise For…

"Sascha DuBrul is a madly gifted storyteller. . . . Whether he is writing about seed-saving, or madness, or the history of punk, his is one of the most passionate and relevant voices of these crazy times. So read this book. It will inspire you and make you feel good to be alive."  —Ruth Ozeki, author, My Year of Meats and All Over Creation

"Crack open this book at your peril. For this way lies madness . . . divine madness. Witness the concrete visions and subterranean journeys of a 21st-century vagabond, captured here in plain English."  —Eric Drooker, author, Howl, and illustrator, Illuminated Poems with Allen Ginsburg

"There's black pride, and gay pride. And if 32-year old Sascha DuBrul has his way, "mad pride" will become equally ubiquitous. That's mad, as in mentally ill. DuBrul's Icarus Project believes that part of the problem with mental illness is the words we use to describe it. Diagnosed bipolar when he was 18, DuBrul says he could have dealt better with his diagnosis if it had been framed differently, not in clinical terms but as a "dangerous gift." Now Sascha and others are going across the country giving workshops to change the language around mental illness."  —Weekend America, Public Radio

"How did the New York underground of punk rock music, squatting, and homeless protest give rise to a thriving and innovative peer-run mental health community? Are there creative gifts to be found in the depths of madness? Does the future of Mad Pride lie in the joining of activism with spirituality? Icarus Project co-founder Sascha Altman DuBrul discusses his escape into apocalyptic visions and psychiatric hospitals, and how he was inspired to challenge the identity of bipolar disorder."  —Madness Radio

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ISBN: 9780978866501
ISBN-10: 0978866509
Publisher: Microcosm Publishing
Publication Date: March 31st, 2013
Pages: 189
Language: English
Series: Real World