From Rubble to Royalty (Paperback)

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THIS IS THE GRIPPING TRUE STORY OF A YOUNG girl's journey through a childhood nightmare that included being sexually trafficked in the suburbs of Atlanta, GA. Years of abuse, domestic violence, and extreme stress caused a downward spiral into chaos, complex alternate personalities, self-harm, and frequent admissions into psychiatric hospitals. With her life in ruins and any hope for a future demolished, little did she know that one day she would uncover a life-changing secret about her true identity. She was, in fact, royalty. In FROM RUBBLE TO ROYALTY, T. Kennedy shares her highly personal, transformative journey from one miracle to another even as she endured inconceivable emotional and physical suffering. She reveals how she overcame the lies in her life and broke the chains of shame, guilt, and self-hatred. Now restored and raised from the rubble, T. Kennedy leads others to discover their right to a new life, new joys, and new purpose as children of the King.
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ISBN: 9780991084128
ISBN-10: 0991084128
Publisher: King's Treasure Box Ministries
Publication Date: September 8th, 2015
Pages: 262
Language: English