Good Friends (Paperback)

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It's 2015; Louis Fields is a 46 year old high-school English teacher whose wife died in a freak accident six years ago; his son's moved to college, and he feels like he has nothing left to live for.

An old friend of Lou's, Ashley Tate, and her husband, Leonard, re-enter Louis's life to reveal that Ash has fallen ill with cancer. While supporting Ash in her fight against the disease, Lou serves as an adjunct instructor at a creative writing seminar at the University of Pennsylvania, where four freshman students from across the spectrum of life come together to explore what makes someone a 'good friend, ' detailing stories of beauty, tragedy, and resilience.

An unlikely bond forms between Ash's son Tyler and Lou, due to the fact, at age 16, Tyler's mother is fighting cancer at the same age Lou lost his own mother to the disease. Through the novel's depiction of hardship, Lou understands the true value of compassion.

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ISBN: 9781627201490
ISBN-10: 1627201491
Publisher: Apprentice House
Publication Date: May 19th, 2018
Pages: 350
Language: English