SILK - 10th Anniversary Edition (Paperback)

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Silk is about five generational women, Crystal, Genny, Margaret, Joy, and Sylvia, who are best friends, but each woman goes through a different life challenge. They are different ages. Margaret and Genny are in their 50's. Sylvia is in her 40's. Crystal is in her 30's and Joy, being the youngest, is in her 20's. Their professional lives vary. Margaret and Genny are retired, Crystal is one of the top attorneys at a Law firm, Sylvia is a prominent news reporter, and Joy is a struggling, unemployed single parent of three children.

They live in the quiet community of Atlanta, Georgia where people are known for their 'southern hospitality' (at the top of the list of places in the world for 'Politeness'). Even though each of them is experiencing different life situations (an abusive marriage, single motherhood, career challenges and substance abuse), their friendship is the LINK that keeps them together. But, is that always enough?

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ISBN: 9781632637987
ISBN-10: 1632637987
Publication Date: June 25th, 2018
Pages: 118
Language: English