Mama's Memoir: Walking on Broken Glass (Paperback)

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I started this journey with faith and strength and love. What a journey it has been. Raising a hurt child can buckle your knees, it can steal your breath, and it will change you. Denise is my daughter, but the struggle is very real, and there is always a looming question of "Will I survive?" It is a spinning ride of misunderstanding and fear. Then the question remains...if I do survive...will she?

The looking glass is filled with visual information, but until you step inside for yourself, you will not know the boundaries of your strength...strength of mind...strength of body...strength of will to endure. A win is attainable, but the game spares no one. I knew that I would one day tell this story. What remains will tell itself, but what has been shared here will hopefully serve as someone else's guide to survival in what could potentially become a tangled jungle of parental chaos.

We all need a plan. That plan is likely to follow a very personal living and morphing timeline of circumstance. This book may serve to offer some tangible tool of support during that struggle.


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ISBN: 9781649529657
ISBN-10: 1649529651
Publisher: Fulton Books
Publication Date: June 2nd, 2021
Pages: 120
Language: English