The Lamb in God's Rainbow: Promise of Life and Love (Paperback)

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The rainbow I mention and write about in this book is strictly in context of, and in reference to, a sign of remembrance of the Covenant God made with humanity. In no means is it referring to anything other than the rainbow that God Himself has set in the clouds. (Genesis 9:13) Ancient Hebrew alphabetical letters, numbers, and colors found in Scripture have meaning(s) for the divine purpose of Father God. They all reflect the love of Father God for us; the love of Christ Jesus for Father God and us; and the love and divine purpose of Holy Spirit within us. Everything I have written is a result of my personal growth regarding the mysteries in Scripture I have asked Father God about. This latest mystery fascinates me even more than my original question of Why do I envision numbers in color and colors with numbers? This new mystery has extended my research time to nearly two and a half years. Time well spent for I have found the mystery of the gospel of Jesus as: THE LAMB IN GOD'S RAINBOW, PROMISE OF LIFE AND LOVE Nanette Crapo resides in the Houston area. She has two children: Anastasios Karamitsos II, wife Amy and son Christian; and son John Karamitsos. Her lifelong passion for books has become her main hobby. Nanette also enjoys landscape photography, gardening, old movies, and has a new interest in learning Greek and Hebrew. Her favorite memories are of times spent with family.
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ISBN: 9781662865442
ISBN-10: 1662865449
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication Date: February 12th, 2023
Pages: 248
Language: English