Oil and Water (Paperback)

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Oil and Water is the story of two women, Elsie, a human, and Opal, a vampire, and their journey to save themselves and those they care about by learning about each other and coming to terms with their differences and weaknesses.

Elsie is a human and an average struggling millennial, deeply in debt and living at home. Opal is one of the most powerful and vicious vampires in existence. When Elsie falls in love with Cy, she doesn't know that he and his ex, Amber, are both vampires, and that Amber has targeted her as a victim in a revenge plot. Amber is Opal's only friend and the one who turned her into a vampire. Together, they spent years hunting predators who took advantage of women in violent and monstrous ways. Despite her vigilantism, Amber has a cruel streak. Her rage will force Elsie and Opal to confront their weaknesses and find their strengths, or else lose everything they care about.

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ISBN: 9781735073002
ISBN-10: 1735073008
Publisher: Lara Dominick
Publication Date: June 13th, 2020
Pages: 432
Language: English