Against the Wall: Family and Marital Relationships (Paperback)

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After a failed suicide attempt, Elise escapes her life as a pastor's wife by moving to the Victorian village of Ferndale, California. As she recovers from the depression that had overwhelmed her, she uses art to paint the emotional pain she suffers from her bipolar, her unsympathetic church, and her self-absorbed husband Zed. While she find support in her recovery, and causes a fit in Elise's family.

Zed is devastated that Elise left him, especially because he cannot understand her. As the head of Zed Norris Ministries, he is accustomed to people seeking his counsel and following it without question. As Zed works to see life from Elise's point of view, he begins to question the value of the prosperity gospel he preaches. At this congregation's insistence, he travels to Jerusalem to find clarity, where he is faced with people and events that only bring him more questions.

Can Elise and Zed find their way back together or break with the past and forge new destinies?

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ISBN: 9781735176338
ISBN-10: 1735176338
Publisher: Russian Hill Press
Publication Date: January 15th, 2021
Pages: 284
Language: English