Python Data Science: A Step By Step Guide to Data Analysis. What a Beginner Needs to Know About Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligenc (Paperback)

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Attract new customers with this book. They will love it Geared mainly toward beginners readers, the topic of Python Data Science is getting more and more discussed today as companies increasingly require professionals who can manage Python, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

"Many people think that python, data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence are difficult concepts to understand.

Data science uses scientific strategies and Science to process data and to separate information from it. It chips away at a similar idea as Big Data and Data Mining. It requires ground-breaking equipment alongside a useful calculation and programming to take care of the data issues or to process the data for acquiring meaningful learning from it.

The present information patterns are giving us 80% of data in unstructured mannered while rest 20% organized in organization for snappy dissecting. The unorganized or semi-organized details require processing to make it valuable for the present-day business person condition. For the most part, this information or details are produced from the wide assortments of sources, for example, content records, money related logs, instruments and sensors, and sight and sound structures. Drawing important and profitable experiences from this information require propelled calculations and tools. This Science is proposing an offer for this purpose, and this is making it a useful science for the present-day mechanical world.

The improvement and exceedingly useful inquire about in the world of Computer Science and Technology has made the importance of its most basic and essential of concepts ascend by a thousand-crease. This principle concept is the thing that we have been everlastingly alluding to as data, and it is this data that solitary holds the way to everything in the world. The greatest of organizations and firms of the world have fabricated their establishment and philosophies and determine a unique piece of their pay totally through data. Fundamentally, the value and importance of data can be comprehended by the straightforward certainty that a legitimate store/distribution center of data is a million times more profitable than mine of pure gold in the advanced world.

Like this, the vast spread and escalated examines in the field of data has genuinely opened up a lot of potential outcomes and doors (as far as a calling) wherein curating such vast amounts of data are the absolute most lucrative employments a specialized individual can discover today.

This guide will focus on the following:

  • Applications and role of data science
  • Data science and applications
  • GUI programming with Tkinter.
  • Working with raw data
  • Build your own sentiment analysis tool
  • Exploration of NLTK
  • K-means clustering
  • Operations on data
  • Variable scope and lifetime in python functions
  • Machine learning & neural networks
  • Principal components analysis
  • Setting up your TensorFlow environment
  • And more

Don't miss the opportunity to learn more about these topics. The future has never been closer and the opportunities it offers are endless.

Even if you are a beginner, if you are starting from scratch, this book will allow you to understand topics that you have already heard about and that fascinate you, but that you probably never had the courage to go into."

This book is a real gold mine. It has already sold hundreds of thousands of copies and received rave reviews from readers all over the world.Don't pass up the chance to have this book in your store.
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