The Shorter Revised Latin Primer (Kennedy's Latin Primer, Beginners Version). (Paperback)

The Shorter Revised Latin Primer (Kennedy's Latin Primer, Beginners Version). By Benjamin Hall Kennedy Cover Image
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Kennedy's Latin books have acquired a firm place in English culture: They are not simply excellent textbooks on the Latin language but are symbols of what schoolchildren have endured and enjoyed in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. ----- Even thought this famous book is being brought to you in a new edition it remains complete and includes extra material from Kennedy's other grammar books. ---- These books provide clear and simple explanations of written and spoken Latin. Comprehensive and easy to use with coverage of all the key points of Latin grammar, the shorter primer is the ideal learning tool for the beginner in Latin. ---- Intermediate students should use the second book Kennedy's Revised Latin Primer also published by Simon Wallenberg. While a third book, Kennedy's Public school grammar will also show you in greater detail, how the Latin language works. ---- "For over a hundred years Kennedy's textbooks have been the unrivalled books for the teaching of the Latin language in public schools. The new Wallenberg edition will be welcomed by students and teachers alike." --- Telegraph Online Newspaper.
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ISBN: 9781843560319
ISBN-10: 1843560313
Publisher: Simon Wallenburg Press
Publication Date: October 21st, 2007
Pages: 120
Language: Latin