Guerrilla Tactics for the GRE: Secrets and Strategies the Test Writers Don't Want You to Know (Paperback)

Guerrilla Tactics for the GRE: Secrets and Strategies the Test Writers Don't Want You to Know By Nancy L. Nolan Cover Image
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Few prospects are as frightening to graduate school candidates as taking the GRE. Ironically, most preparation guides only cover half of what students need to know to earn a top score on the exam. To ace the GRE, students must master far more than the requisite concepts in math, reading and writing; they must learn the tricks of the test writers, who tend to ask the same types of questions, with the same types of traps and pitfalls, on every exam. This publication addresses the second half of the equation, by "teaching the test" in an efficient and practical manner. It presents targeted strategies for each section of the GRE, along with dozens of relevant examples. Readers will learn the sneaky ways that test writers try to confuse students and distract them from the correct answer choices. They will learn practical (and manageable) ways to learn new vocabulary words and conquer tough math problems. Most importantly, they will learn how to exploit the predictability of the GRE, which makes it a surprisingly learnable test. For many students, the GRE is the greatest obstacle they will face in the graduate school admissions process. With so much at stake, they must work smarter (rather than harder), to earn a top score. This savvy publication shows them how.

About the Author

After receiving her Ph.D. in 1987 from Kansas State University, Dr. Nolan conducted research for several years in academia and industry. Since 1997, she has been the President and CEO of Ivy League Admission, a premier admission service for top U.S. schools.
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Publication Date: January 2nd, 2010
Pages: 174
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