Chaos: A Breed Apart Novel (Paperback)

Chaos: A Breed Apart Novel By Ronie Kendig, Steffani Webb Cover Image
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Buckle up for an edge-of-your-seat trek through the dangerous jungles of the Philippines in this enemies to sweethearts, forced proximity, alpha hero, sunshine versus grumpy romantic thriller

When Rio Silva is told her aunt and uncle are missing in a Philippine rainforest, she knows there is only one way to find them: the retired military working dog her dad entrusted to her. Chaos, however, has a mind of her own. A lot like Rio. Worse, they'll have to trust arrogant, demanding former Army Ranger Cathal McGowan if she hopes to get them back.

The last thing Cathal McGowan wants as he heads into the darkness of the rainforest is to be shackled with a young, pretty teacher who has no tactical experience. But she has heart-he'll give her that. And he has the expertise necessary to rescue her family.

Putting everything on the line, Rio and Cathal struggle to navigate the terrain, as well as their emerging feelings for each other. But the closer they get to mission success, the more things aren't adding up, including who might be behind the disappearances. It's not long before they realize the rainforest holds greater perils than deadly vipers...and the biggest danger of all might be to their hearts.

Dive into another thrilling A Breed Apart: Legacy adventure

A Breed Apart: Legacy

Book 1: Havoc

Book 2: Chaos

Book 3: Riot (coming soon)

Book 4: Fury (coming soon)

Book 5: Surge (coming soon)

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ISBN: 9781953783660
ISBN-10: 195378366X
Publisher: Sunrise Publishing
Publication Date: January 9th, 2024
Pages: 264
Language: English