Le Morte Darthur (Paperback)

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Most of the events take place in a historical fantasy version of Britain and France at an unspecified time the historical events on which the Arthurian legend is based took place in the late 5th century, but the story contains many anachronisms and makes no effort at historical accuracy. In some parts, the plot ventures farther afield, to Rome and Sarras, and recalls Biblical tales from the ancient Near East. Malory modernized the legend by conflating the Celtic Britain with his contemporary Kingdom of England or example identifying Logres as England, Camelot as Winchester, and Astolat as Guildford and replacing the Saxons with Ottoman Turks as foreign pagan enemies.Although Malory hearkens back to an age of idealized knighthood, jousting tournaments, and grand castles to suggest a medieval world, his stories lack any agricultural life or commerce, which makes the story feel as if it were an era of its own.
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ISBN: 9798705145348
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: February 9th, 2021
Pages: 800
Language: English