Gift of Being Different (Hardcover)

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What if every child knew that the traits they might consider flaws or imperfections are their greatest gifts? What if they knew that what makes them “different” is actually their superpower? For that matter, what if every adult knew it, too? The Gift of Being Different is co-written by Monica and her 9 year old daughter Abigail. Inspired by Abigail's dyslexia diagnosis, this book explores the feelings that arise for children who do not learn in a typical manner and celebrates how those differences make them strong. Set in present-day New York, this book speaks to 7-8 year-old readers, which is the typical age at which children discover they are dyslexic. The tale is told with humor, authenticity, and a powerful message of celebrating and embracing our differences. Monica and Abigail have written a children’s book that will invite readers to embrace the parts of themselves that feel different. With her writing debut, Abigail is a shining example of what can be done if we embrace what makes us unique and transform it into a superpower.

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I AM PASSIONATE, AND THIS IS PERSONAL. And this might be personal for you as well. We have all experienced the nervousness of the first day of school.For those with a learning difference, that feeling lasts every single day of the school year. This was very real for my daughter, Abigail, who was
diagnosed with dyslexia nearly two years ago. Before Abigail could even read, we co-created The Gift of Being. This book became an integral part of Abigail’s journey as she made the choice to redefine for herself what it means to have a learning difference. Abigail didn’t want to feel ashamed anymore, and she doesn’t want other kids who struggle to feel ashamed or stupid either. One of the most powerful messages in The Gift of Being Different is that the very things that make you different can also be your greatest strengths. It can be your superpower. Abigail did not read with
proficiency until the third grade. But she did have a voice. And she
believed in herself and her story. So, we set out to write a children’s book
that will invite readers to embrace the parts of them that feel different.
I invite you to read The Gift of Being Different and share it with
the children in your life that aspire to live, think, and dance outside of
the norm.
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ISBN: 9798985920000
Publisher: Spiritually Hungry
Publication Date: July 1st, 2022
Pages: 36
Language: English