Calling Local Authors

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Calling Local Authors Form

Gibson’s supports local writers!

If you have self-published your book, or if it is not available through our regular distribution, we are happy to take copies on consignment. Normal consignment terms are 60% of the cover price paid to the author after books are sold, with accountings every quarter or as appropriate. Please make an appointment with Michael or John to start the conversation. You can review our consignment policy and contract here.

Requesting an author event!

Gibson's hosts a very full event calendar, booking 4-12 weeks in advance! In order to evaluate and select the best events for our community, a formal proposal is required. All events involve considerable labor, and we want to ensure a successful event for both the author and the bookstore. Please fill out the form below. Our events coordinator will respond within 30 days.  Please note that we have a limited calendar and have to say no to many wonderful authors and opportunities.
Please note that we do not host author events in the physical store between Thanksgiving and New Years during any year. 

All fields marked with '*' denotes mandatory fields
Book summary (please be sure to include title, and publisher). Additional blurbs and short reviews are welcome; please do not include rankings/reviews/links from our competitor, Amazon.
Due to the natural marketing cycle of a book, we are most interested in books that have not yet been published, but will consider books that have been out for less than six months.
Book summary (please be sure to include title, and publisher). Additional blurbs and short reviews are welcome; please do not include rankings/reviews/links from our competitor, Amazon.
Information regarding past publicity and events.
Short bio of the author
Number of personal contacts that you believe will attend the event, plus a summary of planned outreach efforts outside of Gibson's Bookstore's efforts (including but not limited to the number of subscribers on your Facebook, Twitter, e-mail list, etc.).
Have you attended author events at Gibson's Bookstore in the past? If so, please share which ones. If you are from out of town, please name two author events that you attended at an independent bookstore, and please tell us which bookstore.
Does your book have a local angle? Is your book on a timely or newsworthy subject? If so, how? Who do you imagine is the sort of person attending this event? (Yes, we all hope "everyone" is the answer, but alas we need a more specific answer to accurately market an event. Example: retired, interested in gardening and homesteading; or: young professional, interested in affecting political change or solving a particular problem in their busy life)
We rely on publisher support to keep our event program sustainable. If your publisher does not offer cooperative advertising funds to offset some of our event expenses, we require a $50 partnership fee ($25 for storytime events).
If you self-published your book or published through a print-on-demand service, can you supply books for the event at our standard 40% discount and returnable?
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