Create a Wish LIst

Creating a Wish List

If you want to create a wish list for books you'd like for yourself or a family member, you need to create an account on the My Account page first. Then search for an item you want to add to your list and click on "Add to Wish List" under the photo.

When you add the first item to your Wish List, the site will take you to the <My Name> Wish List settings. Or you can go to My Account and look for the tab in the top page menu.

Here you can edit several fields:

  • Wish List Name: You can change the name of the Wish List. For example "Bob's Birthday List" or "Books I Want to Read"
  • Your Name: This is what people will use to find the list. If you have a common name, you may want to use something that identifies you better. For example, Sue Smith - baker or John Smith - mechanic.
  • Event or Expiration Date: This is set to 1 year from the creation of the list. If it's for a specific event, you may want to shorten this. Or if it's for your personal books you want to read, you can set the expiration date further into the future.
  • Hide Expiration Date: You can choose to hide this.
  • Private: This will hide the Wish List from everyone but you.
  • Don't Require Shipping: This is great for school book fairs and other events where you or someone you designate will be picking them up at the store.

You can also email  your wishlist to you or a friend, up to 10 addresses. You can edit the message you want in the Your Custom Message box.

If you are creating a booklist for an event, you can search for all the books you'd like to add, save them to a document, one ISBN per line. Then you can copy them all and paste them in the Bulk Upload box.

Click the Save button when you are done with changes on this page.