Eat Well Move Often 2

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Plodzik, Renee
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"Eat Well Move Often Volume 2 contains a collection of NEW seasonal recipes that incorporate whole foods to nourish and strengthen us. This second cookbook is a supplement to Eat Well Move Often Stay Strong. I love sharing nutrition and wellness practices to help cancer survivors and the community stay strong. Welcome back, friends, survivors, and supporters!

I have learned a great deal about myself over the past two years as I navigate living with metastatic breast cancer. While I cannot control this diagnosis, I can control how I live each day to remain as healthy and strong as possible. Alongside modern advances in medicine, I rely on nutrition and movement as part of an integrated wellness plan.

I am most creative when I develop new recipes or put my own spin on sweet treats, workout fuel, healthy soups, and salads. In this cookbook, you will find carefully selected seasonal ingredients to satisfy your cravings and nourish your body. There are oven 100 new plant-based recipes utilizing the season's best local produce. I included my favorite recipes from the first edition with a few flavor enhancements. i was fortunate to have friends contribute some of their favorite recipes and you will find these sprinkled throughout each chapter. Thank you for supporting me and my passion for living life as strong as possible. Together, we are strong enough." ~Renee Plodzik, APRN. Nurse Practitioner, Fit4ACause founder, and Wellness Coach.

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