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Here are some of the many wonderful toys and games we carry in our children's section! Call to find out what else we have--and if these strike your fancy, please order below.

SKU: 643356046799

A cooperative board game for kids 5 and up.

SKU: 643356049554

A cooperative board game for kids 5 and up.

SKU: 643356046768

A cooperative board game for kids 4 and up.

SKU: 643356041428

48 cards and instructions for 3 game variations, for ages 3 and up.

SKU: 643356057016

A cooperative board game for kids 3 and up.

SKU: 643356054831

A cooperative board game for kids 6 and up.

SKU: 847563000999

Three happy trucks need to pick up a load of packages, but will the haul fit? Can you help them stack everything properly? 3yr+

SKU: 715234000015

Portable magnetic Tangoes activity puzzle set. 5yr+

SKU: 847563001286

“Squirrels Go Nuts” is a sliding puzzle game with 60 nutty challenges to test your skills. 6yr+

Discover the magic of the popular fairy tale in this wonderful brain teaser for preschoolers.

SKU: 847563009329

Build and play! See how fast you can go with the included pull-back mechanism! Build a special truck or convert into a speedy car! All can be combined with all existing SMARTMAX®sets. T

ENGINEERING AND CREATIVITY: Designed for ages 1-5, young kids will enjoy the simple process of clicking their own train and animals together. 1-5yr

SKU: 847563000791

Challenge your kids to build a car with 5 different blocks in this unique logic game! 4yr+

SKU: 847563000111

In RoadBlock, you are the chief inspector! It’s your job to coordinate your squad of officers and get their patrol cars to zero in on the suspect, block his escape and arrest him! 7yr+

Little Red Riding Hood includes 48 challenges. Can you lay all the pieces on the board so that you build a path for Little Red Riding Hood to reach Grandma’s house? 4yr+

SKU: 847563000913

Players are challenged fill the grid with 10 colorful, double-sided pentomino pieces, leaving X’s and O’s in sequence. Featuring 120 challenges and a compact travel case, IQ XOXO offer endless brain-teasing fun! 6yr+

SKU: 847563000203

Give you brain a spin in the right direction and put all the twisted playing pieces on the game board. 6yr+

SKU: 847563001255

Reach for the stars and solve the 120 challenges, from easy to expert! 6yr+

SKU: 847563000463

Fit all puzzle pieces on the game board. But watch out! Open rings and balls of different puzzle pieces can occupy the same place when you link them the right way. 8yr+

SKU: 847563001125

Includes 10 colourful puzzle pieces, and 120 multi-level challenges across 5 playing levels. 8yr+

SKU: 847563000340

Fit all the 3D-puzzle pieces on the game board in such a way that it turns into a (flat) 2D-image. 6yr+

SKU: 847563000036

A great introduction to colours, shapes, order, orientation. Pick a challenge, then stack a rack of tiles to recreate the exact composition presented by your challenge!

SKU: 847563001361

Atlantis Escape" is a travel-friendly puzzle game with 60 3D-challenges, from easy to expert.

SKU: 847563000227

Anti-Virus is a sliding puzzle game with a new twist. 8y+

SKU: 759751011123

hilarious fast-reaction word game! Flip a card and be the first to shout out an answer that matches the clues. 10yr+

SKU: 759751020019

Flip and stack this clever loaf of cards to build slamwiches and double-deckers. Play all out, but the kids will beat you every time! 6yr+

SKU: 759751023010

Rise and Shine! The Pancake Queen, the Ladybug Queen and ten of their closest friends have fallen under a sleeping spell and it's your job to wake them up. 8yr+

SKU: 759751002565

This isn’t your garden-variety card game! You’ll need luck, strategy, and a green thumb to grow a winning hand! 10yr+

Card holder for little hands

SKU: 759751071219

Explore the mystical lands of Dragonrealm. Gather the most gold and become ruler of the realm! 10yr+

In this silly matching card game, the goal is to keep moose out of your house, while at the same time give them to your opponents. 8yr+

SKU: 759751001087

Dare to enter Dragonwood! Deep in the heart of this mythical forest lurk angry ogres, giggling goblins, and even the famed and fearsome fire-breathers themselves! A game of cards and dice, 8yr+

SKU: 759751011017

Test your numbers know-all in this fast-playing “name it to claim it” party game. 12yrs+

SKU: 759751002046

A game of suspense, strategy, and anticipation. As children play Rat-a-tat Cat, they develop a sense of timing and an understanding of basic, but essential, mathematical concepts. 6yr+

SKU: 759751002336

The great Greek god has bolted from Mount Olympus and it's up to you to nab this dashing deity. As you figure out how harness the strengths of the various gods within, you'll sharpen strategic thinking along with valuable addition and subtraction skills. 8yr+

SKU: 759751002466

Add cards to a grid, making sure that color, shape, and number are either all the same or all different across the line. A game of visual discrimination and strategic thinking. 8ys+

SKU: 759751003517

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: become a secret agent of joy, spreading art and intrigue to an unsuspecting public. The fun is ever-expanding, but it all starts with you - Play it forward! 12yr+

SKU: 759751052195

Players match colors and make snakes from heads to tails. Finish a snake and add it to your snake pit. The player with the most snakes at the end of the game wins. 4yr+

Have fun learning about the United States in this madcap game of observation and quick reflexes. 8yr+

SKU: 847915180027

See spots like never before! In this amazing brainteaser, try to arrange four transparent squares so they perfectly line up to match the dots shown on the pattern card. 10yr+

double ended colored markers

Felt Tip Markers

SKU: 879426008231

Set if 6 gel pens

SKU: 810078030584

Set of 8 colored Fountain Pens

SKU: 879426002949

Brush Tip Markers

Metallic Markers

Colored Pencils

Pad of Paper

SKU: 879426008866

erasable highlighters

Color changing markers

SKU: 879426008156

12 starfish shaped, colored wax crayons.

SKU: 879426008323

individual pencil sharpener