Meet Our Staff


Jim has worked in bookstores since 1983 and at Gibson's, off and on, since 1987. He enjoys a good story more than anything else but is drawn to Young Adult fiction because of his day job as a middle school teacher. "Anyone who says they have only one life to live must not know how to read a book." --Author Unknown. Needless to say, I have lived many lives and there are countless more to come.

You can read Jim's 2016-2018 archived staff reviews here:


Janine, the library media specialist at Bow Memorial School, knows the Dewey Decimal system inside and out and can translate that into a good non-fiction children's or YA book recommendation. She’s widely read in books that have been nominated for New Hampshire Book awards—Ladybug, Flume, Great Stone Face, etc.


Stacey enjoys reading fantasy/sci-fi, autobiographies, and anything of social commentary.  She is a music fanatic, loves satirical humour, watching French cinema and British programs from Travel Man to The Mighty Boosh.  She is a huge supporter of Arsenal FC, loves languages, learning about the world, and working on fashion collages. 

Jo has been an avid reader since they were given a copy of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone for Christmas when they were seven. With a MA in Literature focused on Early Modern Drama, Jo is always happy to discuss at length the pros and cons of various editions of Shakespeare. They will read just about anything that comes well recommended. Their favorite genres include: literary fiction, historical fiction (particularly medieval and early modern), retellings of classics, and LGBTQ+ literature.

Fal has been a lover of books and bookstores for as long as they can remember. Even before they knew the alphabet, they could be found with a book in their grubby toddler hands. Their love for books and stories prompted them to earn their BA in Creative Writing and they are currently pursuing their master’s in hopes that one day, they’ll get to publish the many novels that live in their head. Some of the authors that have inspired Fal’s own writing include Sherrilyn Kenyon, Sarah J. Maas, R.F. Kuang, and Brian Jacques. Fal enjoys a wide range of genres, from young adult to true crime, fiction to manga, writing books to occult, and (nearly) everything else in between.

Laura, a disabled nonbinary person, is passionate about minority representation in literature. She has been in and out of the book industry since she was eleven, and her favorite thing in the world is the light in someone's eyes when they find the right book. She enjoys crafting and learning about incredibly niche topics (ask her about tardigrades or kakapos). She also loves talking to small children about dinosaurs.
Bailey Irving is the Cafe Manager of the Gibson's Cafe, which opened in October, 2021.
A literary omnivore currently reading their way through some classics, travel literature, philosophical concepts, multicultural works, and pieces by women authors, Madeline has dabbled in all genres. Through reading countless picture books to her starting at a very young age, her grandmother sparked their love in books and led Madeline to now have a foreseeable future in something literary related. Madeline is an avid collector of Hawaiian shirts and highly appreciates recommendations on books on socio-political themes, new music suggestions, and is always down for a fun fact and good story.