Pick Me Up blind bag

SKU: blindbag25

Do you miss our little bookish items? Socks? Notebooks? Magnets? Pins and buttons? Need a pick me up? We're putting together blind-bags for you, and we've got a little quiz for you to take to help us build your package. The products you receive will add up to a little bit more than $25, and will include some, but not all, of the products categories listed below.

If you choose for your blind bag to be shipped, you will not receive a mug/candle or anything with liquid or breakable glass. If you choose curbside pickup, those products may be included. It may take 24-48 hours for us to prepare your package, depending on how busy our booksellers are buzzing around. Blind Bags are not included in our 99c shipping promo.

Price: $25.00
What sort of themes would you be pleased to get?
Are you okay with products with swear words on them?
Do you have a favorite color/animal/flower, or you're deathly afraid of bees? What size socks should we pick (hint, male or female shoe sizes are not the same)? Tell us here so we can choose wisely.