Mindfulness: A Better Me; A Better You; A Better World

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by Annabel Beerel (Author),‎ Tom Raffio (Author)

This down-to-earth and highly practical book on mindfulness is a must for every leader or manager. In clear and concise ways, this book explains what mindfulness is, how to begin a mindfulness and meditation practice, and how to build this into the culture at work. The chapters are filled with stories, case studies, and examples of how to begin or deepen one’s own practice or to assist others to begin theirs.

Chapter headings include:
What Mindfulness is; The Benefits of Mindfulness; Creating a Culture of Mindfulness; The Key Virtues of Mindfulness; Mindful Communication; Putting Mindfulness to Work; and Mindfulness for Managers.

At the end of reading this book, you will have a comprehensive grasp of mindfulness as a strategic and life-giving tool that will help you, your organization, and the world.

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